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A Legacy of Sleep Comfort from the U.S.

Since 1904, Kingsdown has epitomized the pursuit of unparalleled sleep comfort, offering a legacy that transcends time. Our commitment to crafting mattresses of exceptional comfort is the heartbeat of our brand, resonating through every innovation and hand-crafted detail that defines a Kingsdown.

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Experience Soft Sleeping With A Luxurious Mattress.

The 2+1 OptiCoil Innerspring System is engineered to provide exceptional support where you need it most. This technology ensures that your body is cradled in comfort throughout the night, and embraces the luxury of well-aligned and restorative sleep.

Upgraded Comfort & Luxurious Sleep

IceCool NASA-Tech is inspired by space-age technology to offer better spinal alignment and support while keeping you cool and comfortable all night. Enjoy the ideal sleeping temperature, ensuring your rest is as refreshing as it is restorative.

Super Responsive & Extremely Cool!

The 7-Zone Natural Latex layer is meticulously designed to contour your body’s unique shape, targeting support to different parts of the body.

Ecological Produced, Ultimate Care For You

Our COOLERᵀᴹ Comfort Fabric is derived from natural sources, offering remarkable thermal regulation capabilities that have been rigorously tested and scientifically validated. It is designed to enhance your sleep experience, this innovative fabric is proven to lower your body’s temperature by a substantial 1.3ºC during your sleep cycle.

Peace of Mind, Night After Night

With a 10-year Guarantee, Kingsdown stands behind the quality and durability of every mattress. We’re committed to ensuring that your sleep satisfaction lasts for years to come.