Elevating Sleep for Holistic Health from Australia

Founded by Australian fitness trainer, Gavin Smith from Adelaide, SleepMatics was created with a goal in providing functional sleep with holistic health support to everyone around the world.

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Elevating Durability and Support

By quilting and adding extra stitching to high-density materials at the mattress’s center, enhancing durability and superior lower back support, catering to all body weights.

The Pinnacle of Comfort and Health

The perfect fusion of firmness and density, reminiscent of traditional HD Foam, combined with the full-bodied sensation and pressure relief benefits of popular HR Foam. Our SleepMatics Ultra Foam® is 100% toxic-free to ensure your sleep environment is healthy and comfortable.

Embrace the Legacy of Space-Age Comfort

Originating from NASA’s high-impact absorbent seats for the aerospace industry, Memory Foam has been embraced for its remarkable pressure relief and body contour functions, offering an unrivalled body-hugging sensation to deliver ultimate relaxation and undisturbed sleep.

Where Innovation Meets Undisturbed Slumber

houghtfully designed with a therapeutic texture to ensure optimal orthopaedic support in any sleep position while imparting a soothing sensation. The open-cell natural structure of latex coupled with a pin-hole pattern facilitates excellent air circulation, offering cooling comfort throughout the night.

Your Sleep Assurance

Your trust in Sleepmatics is paramount, which is why we back our mattresses with a 10-Year Warranty.